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Jenny B Kowalski

Copyright, fair use, and where to get images you can actually use

Did you know you could be sued for using someone else’s photo in your school project? Or that you could be forced to pay thousands of dollars if you put a stock photo in your blog post without permission? And what do you do when you come across someone else making money off of something you made? I am not a lawyer, but I’ve collected a few stories that highlight the complicated world of copyright and fair use.

What are Copyright and Fair Use?

According to US Copyright law, “Everyone is a copyright owner. Once you create an original work and fix it, like taking a…

Photo by UX Indonesia on Unsplash

Website Design Process

What do you need to know to design for the internet? A typical website process involves planning, design, development and testing, and a launch. Some of these steps may happen at the same time, and the whole process should involve many conversations with stakeholders: anyone who has the power to affect, or be affected by, the project.


  • Define the goals of the website. Who and what is it for?
  • Determine how the website will be organized and what content is needed.
  • Establish deadlines, roles, and how the website will be made.


  • Create wireframes to determine layout and visual structure.
  • Establish…

Early Concepts for Creative Coding Showpieces

A collection of case studies and tutorials from the Spring 2021 Creative Coding class at Tyler School of Art and Architecture

The real power of creative coding comes from self-expression. With this in mind, students in Interactive Design: Creative Coding created large-scale projects to show off an area of personal interest. This project gave students the opportunity to take a creative coding project from idea through execution and troubleshooting to get a unique, portfolio-ready piece.

Before they started coding, they presented proposals for their project. As they worked on the project over several weeks, they took notes on process in order to write up final documentation in the form of a case study or tutorial.

Some final write-ups have been published…

Three different approaches to design mockups: a clay iPhone, a realistic Apple Watch, and a subtle blue frame.
Three different approaches to design mockups: a clay iPhone, a realistic Apple Watch, and a subtle blue frame.

3 minutes, 3 approaches to creating design mockups

This series of 1-minute tutorials will teach you how to show off your designs as realistic, subtle, or custom mockup in videos or looping GIFs.

To show your design as a video inside a realistic device mockup:

Tutorial Video (from TikTok): Wanna show a design inside a device mockup?

Facebook has a ton of free mockups. You can download all of them or find what you want and download the ZIP. I’m going to download a watch template and I’m going to make a recording of my design in Adobe XD.

I’m gonna make my recording, clicking through to demo the app in use…

Imagine you’re a hiring manager for a design agency. You’re looking for a junior designer that will bring a unique perspective to your team. You’ve pulled up the portfolio websites of a few different applicants and you are faced with a comparison: Designer A vs. Designer B. Both designers have great-looking work, but they present it differently. Designer A has big images and a one-sentence description of the project. Designer B has an in-depth description of the problem they were solving and the steps they took to solve it. You understand how Designer B thinks. You understand the purpose of…

Today’s college students are under increasing pressure to have a side hustle — a part-time job that is often related to entrepreneurship. 41% of workers under 35 already have a side hustle. Students today are six times more likely to start a business while in school than they were in the 1960s and 1970s.

Almost every college student could use extra income to offset the rising costs of education, but design students face additional pressures to establish an online creative presence and put real-world projects into their portfolios. …

Ever want to make a design like those great vintage travel postcards? Ever feel confused by clipping masks or adjustment layers in Photoshop? This tutorial should help. We’ll be making a design inspired by old-fashioned “Greetings from…” postcards. For this tutorial, you will need a computer and an Adobe Creative Cloud license. This tutorial assumes a very basic understanding of Photoshop, the kind you would get from Adobe’s free Photoshop Get Started course.

Jenny B Kowalski

Graphic & Interactive Designer, Assistant Professor of Instruction at Tyler School of Art and Architecture

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